Welcome to Silicon Global INC

In these times when the world is developing rapidly, our aim at Silicon Global Inc is to emerge as world leaders in the development and distribution of technology and engineering services. With our expertise and experience in ITES, IT, Engineering & Technology, Product development and Outsourcing of diverse engineering services, we strive hard to create such an environment for the manufacturing conglomerates such that they can fashion and develop technologies and products which are not only eco-friendly but humanitarian as well.

About us

Having easy access to the skilled and trained workforce, advanced technologies and effective processes, we achieve high efficiency. Moreover, we focus on innovation and brainstorming to meet the specific requirements of our clients to incorporate new technologies in their process or develop the highest quality products while sticking to their budgets effectively. Also, we assist our clients to identify the technologies, tools and latest systems that their companies need in order to develop new products, deliver top-notch services and reach their business goals optimally.
At Silicon Global Inc, we value our customers above everything else. So, we always try hard and employ our best to help as well as satisfy our diverse clientele. A happy customer is the best way to achieve success and with this belief, we make use of the cutting edge digital technologies and solutions to help our customers realise their goals with absolute ease.

& Vision

To accelerate the Technology evolution for the Sustainable Future.

Grow into the most


Technology today is evolving at a wondrous pace. At Silicon Global, we consider it our mission to foster further evolution of technology such that it becomes feasible to achieve a sustainable future. We focus on developing technologies that are human and environment friendly to make lives easier while helping businesses to grow. So, we create products and services for organisations that are socially aware of their duty of contributing towards a better tomorrow. With this in mind, we continue to innovate and adapt new technologies as well as strategies to help our customers to survive and grow while adapting to the changing dynamics of the market.

Moreover, our customers are of utmost significance to us. So, we employ our technical expertise and skills in developing technologies that enable them to achieve their goals with maximum diligence.


Silicon Global always endeavours towards creating a world that is peerless in terms of technology and engineering for us and the generations to come. Having this vision etched into our minds, we continue to innovate and develop technologies, products and services that enable people to lead a better life. Silicon Global is an unequalled leader in the world for delivering IT, ITES, Engineering & Technology, Manufacturing and Designing services along with various other engineering services. So, we always focus on creating a constructive ambience for our organisations where they can grow sustainably and develop products as well as services that are eco-friendly and completely humanitarian in nature. With a capable team of highly skilled and experienced individuals from different sectors, we strive to achieve higher efficiency to achieve our goal of building a future that our future generations will come to cherish.


We, at Silicon Global Inc, it is our motto to empower our business by incorporating cutting edge digital technologies into our processes. In doing so, we plan on becoming more digitally agile in order to provide our customers with excellent service and complete satisfaction. What gives us more edge is our continuous zeal to learn and get ourselves accustomed to the rapidly changing dynamics of digital technologies. It allows us to provide our customers with the best ideas and systems while helping them our ever-increasing expertise and proficiency in digital technology from our think-tank.

We also provide our customers with complex Engineering & Technology solutions along with top-notch IT, ITES domain services. We at Silicon Global Inc also make sure that our customers get the best quality end to end product management services of a global standard. Thanks to our honest efforts and the desire to provide complete satisfaction, it allows our customers to develop special products that are people-friendly and environment friendly.

Business Policy

Customer Quality

As technology continues to evolve, the dynamics of the market continues to shift as well. In these changing times, companies need to adapt latest technologies and innovations in order to remain relevant in the market. At Silicon Global, we always work hard towards developing technologies and products that will help our customers to survive and achieve sustainable growth. We value our clients highly. So, we are always trying to come with technological solutions and services that are unequalled in terms of quality and performance. We understand the industry-specific requirements of our customers and develop the solutions accordingly such that they always get the best results. Moreover, our team of experts are always ready to help out the clients with any kind of issue they face. In other words, we at Silicon Global try to pave the way for our customers to build a better future.


Silicon Global is committed towards the employees, customers, shareholders and society as a whole to work with the utmost integrity. Our corporate integrity drives us to do everything that we do from developing high-quality technological solutions to helping our clients to develop their businesses. While the industry we work in is highly competitive, Silicon Global is recognised as a global leader thanks to the quality of our work, the behaviour of our people and our corporate integrity. Integrity is the act of behaving in an ethical, moral, honest and honourable way – even when you know no one is watching. We believe, having a high degree of integrity at work means that: You are trustworthy and reliable. You practice and encourage open and honest communication. You are responsible for your actions. We do not compromise when it comes to following rules since we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding that. Irrespective of where our employees work from, we are aware of the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of the client’s information and handling their system with utmost sensitivity and care.

Equal Opportunity
and Non-Discrimination

Silicon Global Inc is steadfast at providing equal opportunity of employment and complies with all the laws that prohibit discrimination of any kind on the basis of sex, age, colour, creed, race, religion, marital status, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, affection preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, shielded veteran status, genetic information, disability status, hereditary information, cellular or blood trait, involvement or affiliation with a local human rights commission, HIV/AIDS, public assistance status, or any of the other categories protected by the law. The above policy is applicable to all kinds of employment decision without being limited to salary payments, hiring, recruitment, promotions, training, benefits, terminations and disciplinary policies. It is also our duty to recruit a diverse consortium of applicants including skilled minorities, veterans, physically disabled individuals and women while also assisting them to advance in their employment.

Team work

Teamwork is undoubtedly one of the founding stones on which Silicon Global was built. At Silicon Global, we completely understand how crucial teamwork and collaborations are for the advancement of an organisation. So, we train every individual in our team to work in harmony with each other maintaining high morale. Our team members are also trained adequately to work perfectly with a team of our clients while developing a system for them or assisting them with business development. We believe that there should be a fair exchange of ideas in a workplace while keeping the individuality of every person intact. Hence, we inspire our employees to participate in brainstorming sessions to come up with new ideas and concepts. Also, we foster inter-department partnerships and cooperation for efficient business growth.

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct delineates our pledge to every employee, client, stakeholder and community in which we operate. It also serves as our beacon in guiding us through different organisational quandaries that leave us at ethical junctures. We also try to keep the code completely dynamic. As a result, it is updated and refreshed from time to time such that it remains completely contextual as well as contemporary to the current laws and society. Nevertheless, it remains immune at its core thereby helping every person working at Silicon Global to provide their best and take the necessary steps towards building a better future. Our stellar status and repute as a business entity is the reflection of our commitment and adherence to the code and its values.


At Silicon Global, we do not only help our clients to achieve business growth but we also work hard to pave the way for a better future. The best way to achieve that goal is by setting the highest standards of ethical integrity for us to follow. Employee work ethics which we are adhered with are Consistency, Accountability, Focus, Initiative, Productivity, Professionalism, Dedication, Desire to Improve & Learn, Commitment, Honesty, Regard for safety, Motivated, Tolerance, Respects diversity in the workplace, Flexibility. While it has a great positive influence on our success as well as our reputation, our ethics also define who we are at our very core. The ethical code that we have designed is for every employee, manager, director and anyone associated with Silicon Global to follow. Our ethics dictates us to earn the trust of every client and associate by following a proper code of conduct. We are also dedicated to performing every job righteously and convey utmost respect to communities and the environment.


Silicon Global is completely aware of the private and sensitive nature of the information that the clients, stakeholders and business partners share. So, we follow a stringent privacy policy that ensures complete protection of your data and prevents it from being misused or disclosed. Every employee working at Silicon Global is abided by the clause of confidentiality and no disclosure. The same thing applies to any business associate or third party that have been authorised by us to access your information. It is also important to note that any authorised employee or a third party authorised to access your information can only do so under our strict supervision. Also, your data can only be accessed for business purposes only. We have also put in special security measures to maintain the confidentiality of your information and prevent it from ever falling into wrong hands.

Workforce Upskilling

Developing the workforce and upskilling them is surely one of the foremost duties for any organisation. A better way to equip employees with the skills of tomorrow. In order to achieve this goal, it is important to invest in digital learning and other training programs in order to continuously develop the workforce. As you reskill your employees, you create a more well-rounded, cross-trained workforce, and increase your team’s effectiveness. Upskilling employees also improves retention, Boosts Morale, High performance, Productivity, Increases customer satisfaction. At Silicon Global, we provide the best systems for upskilling our employees and to our clients to assist them in developing their employees. Development of the employees is a sure way to fortifying the future of the organisation and assuring its stable growth. We create advanced learning models which are highly efficient and help the employees learn at a much rapid pace. Also, we make use of AR and VR technology in creating personalised learning solutions for your workforce. Our solutions also incorporate AI and Machine learning algorithms to further increasing the efficiency of the upskilling process.

Workplace Safety

Silicon Global is committed to creating a hazard-free workplace. To this end, we will ensure workplace safety through preventative action and emergency management.With the pandemic coercing the entire world, it has become very important for organisations to redefine their workplace safety protocols as employees get ready to return to their workplaces. At Silicon Global, we ensure a smooth transition for the employees working from home to their workplace by ensuring the utmost safety and a productive work environment. We achieve that through our predominant organisational methodology and support for our employees. We make an assessment of the promptness of our employees and take into account various other factors to create a safe and stable workplace. Also, we utilise various apps and technologies to ensure the well-being of our employees, create awareness and manage grievances. Moreover, we provide stress on sanitisation and highlighting of at-risk areas to further assure safety for our employees. We also ensure to build a Safe, Happy and Productive workplace free from Harassment, Violence and Drug-free workplace.