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As the world around us progresses at a rapid pace, we at Silicon Global Inc work hard to provide the organisations around the globe with top-notch engineering and technological services.

Silicon Global INC.

Head Office Location:
Kanagawa-Ken, Kawasaki-Shi, Kawasaki-ku,
Isago 1-10-2-2F, Japan.
〒 210-0006

Phone: +81 80 9027 1902

Business Locations:
Kawasaki, Yokohama, Aichi, Nagoya, Osaka, Utsunomiya, Hiroshima,
Kanagawa, Fukuoka, Shizuoka and Saitama.

Having a team of skilled technology experts, developers and engineers, we ensure a seamless transformation of your business to a digital or cloud-based platform. Our solutions are aimed at helping you to understand the changing needs of your customers; adapt to the new market trends and make sure that your customers always remain satisfied. However, it is natural to have queries on how any process works or you might face any problem that you want us to help you with. Well, do not waste any more time! Reach out to us by any of the means listed on the webiste. Tell us what you need help with or any question for which you seek an answer, we will surely help you out.