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The Aerospace sector has gone through prompt changes over the years, thanks to the advancement in aviation technology and various inventions.

Thus, the companies nowadays need to acclimatise to the shift in dynamics in order to gain sustenance in this market. Silicon Global Inc is steadfast at creating an efficient ecosystem for the Aerospace industry which can drive innovation and create vehicles that will redefine the definition of flying completely. We offer design, validation of different avionic systems and engineering solutions to the enterprises such that they can accomplish their product and business goals efficaciously.

The services that we offer to the Aerospace industry span from product development through to the management of product lifecycle. We also offer supply chain management, aftermarket and digital transformation for our clients. In short, we enable our customers to fast-track the product development process while running unwavering innovation cycles. Moreover, we create alternate streams for revenue for our clients and enhance the experience of the consumers whilst making the process of manufacturing, supply chain and operations more efficient.

With our assistance, it becomes completely possible for our clients to create new products which range from Interiors, Components as well as MRO. At Silicon Global Inc, we have the best line up of Engineers, Program Managers and Designers with deep knowledge of Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Embedded Systems, Electrical and Electronics, Avionics, Aero Systems, Cabin Systems, Airframes, Product Engineering and Enterprise software. As a result, we provide you with exceptional designs which take into consideration all the technical concepts and engineering analyses. Thus, you can be sure of manufacturing vehicles that will be perfect for the future. Apart from assisting our clients with design and production, we also provide maintenance services and train your workforce in predictive maintenance to make sure that the end customers always remain satisfied.

As we mentioned earlier, the Aerospace Industry has witnessed dynamic shifts over the years. In the present, when the world is becoming digitised, it has also become pertinent for the Aerospace sector to adopt a digital-first approach. At Silicon Global Inc, we abet our clients to gain a competitive edge and extraordinary outcomes with the help of different digital initiatives such as digital manufacturing, model-based design, remote maintenance support in real-time, surveillance of the safety of the passengers and the crew, integration of design system, predictive maintenance, immersive training, digital twin, in-flight infotainment and connected aircraft. It helps in not only offering the next-level experience to the passengers and the crew but also enhances the safety during flight greatly.

One of the main goals that we have is to create Aircraft or components that are innovative, human-centric and completely environmental friendly as well as socially conscious. To achieve this, we also follow the KBE based product development approach with proper cost analytics. It further allows us to fast track the product development cycle for our clients while reducing the cost of operations greatly. In short, we make sure that our clients are able to manufacture the next level Aerospace products while increasing their operational efficiency greatly.

Aerospace – Hydrogen Fuel Cell Green Technology

Similar to the Automotive industry, a lot of investment has been made to the Aerospace sector as well for developing aircraft with zero emissions. As extensive research goes on, it is becoming quite clear that Hydrogen Fuel Cells or HFCs are the most sustainable alternative to gasoline which is now used as a fuel for most of the aircraft. The concept designs that have been revealed so far show that the aircraft of tomorrow will have advanced fuel tanks for storing liquid hydrogen. Electricity will be extracted by electrolysing the liquid hydrogen with specialised cathodes and anodes to drive the aircraft. Of course, the only by-product of these next-generation aircraft will be only water vapour. Also, special turbo engines are being conceptualised to operate with these special fuel cells. In terms of efficiency, these Aircraft will also be superior to the existing Aircrafts thanks to proper utilisation of energy.