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Heavy Engineering and machinery sector is surely the backbone of the manufacturing sector.

From construction to steel manufacturing to mining, nothing is possible without the help of heavy machinery. Thus, it is often said that the heavy engineering sector entails the capitol good industry as machine tools, textile machinery, fixed and mobile cranes, mining machinery, earthmoving and construction machinery is considered to be the subparts of the capital goods sector. Due to these reasons, the heavy engineering market witnesses large scale investments, research and development to optimise the tools and machinery to benefit other industrial sectors, in turn, boosting the nation’s economy.

Silicon Global Inc makes it possible for the heavy engineering and machinery industry to achieve their dreams of developing efficient products for an ameliorate future. We help heavy engineering companies by designing, validating and developing the products such that they can easily achieve their business goals. Having a worldwide presence, inimitable engineering knowledge and domain-specific experience of product development, Silicon Global Inc is uniquely able to provide creative, germane and distinguished solutions to our clients belonging to the heavy engineering sector. Also, we utilise cutting edge technologies and software in designing and development of the product thereby ensuring seamless execution.

Furthermore, our team consists of experienced and skilled engineers with profound knowledge in mechanical engineering, electronics, hydraulics, embedded systems, product design, powertrain, electrical engineering and control systems. We use our comprehensive and expertise to deliver precise analysis and solution to make sure the heavy engineering companies can make their processes much more efficient.

Silicon Global Inc also have extensive experience of working in different heavy engineering projects. So, we have distinctive capabilities of combing design skills with engineering, tools and methodologies. This allows us to create time as well as cost-effective ways of helping our clients to fortify their product development cycles and achieve sustainable growth.