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Semiconductors surely have been one of the most important inventions in modern science.

Semiconductors have wide spread uses in the electronic systems and solid-state devices. In fact, everything from the diodes, transistors, LED to IC, all fall under the category of the semiconductors. These devices are crucial in the development of modern electronic and digital devices. Semiconductor devices make use of silicon or germanium in their make. Of course, semiconductors are different from metals and other conductors. Semiconductor materials do not have conductivity under normal circumstances. Upon providing energy greater than the threshold energy that allows the electrons in the semiconductor to overcome the Fermi level, the material starts behaving like a conductor.

However, different impurities are added to the semiconductor materials in order to decrease the Fermi level thereby increasing the level of conductivity. Physicists and Engineers have been working hard for over the last fifty years to optimise the semiconductors. Thanks to the rapid development in the semiconductor technology, the world has received the gift of powerful computers, smartphones, advanced medical diagnostic equipment and much more. Without semiconductors, the modern technologies that we rely on heavily would never have been possible.

Certainly, semiconductors have extensive applications in the industrial sector. There are two main parts to the production of semiconductors i.e. designing and manufacturing. At Silicon Global Inc, we provide designing services to our clients manufacturing semiconductor devices. Also, we assist them in product development, product lifecycle management and optimising the production process as a whole. We have a team of Engineers with unparalleled knowledge in Material Science, Electronics and Digital Technology. Thus, they are highly skilled at developing high performing semiconductor devices, chips and integrated circuits (ICs) which promise to boost the performance of devices manifolds. We also perform in-depth material research which makes sure that we use semiconductor materials that are truly high performing.

Also, we help enterprises to accept new digital technologies in their systems. As a matter of fact, we provide the semiconductor manufacturing companies excellent cloud computing services. Through proper implementation of cloud backed technologies, we make sure that our clients can develop a human-centric business ecosystem where they can grow without any issue. Furthermore, cloud computation backed with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) ensures automating different business processes, proper analysis of data and driving the operational efficiency to the maximum level.

Moreover, Silicon Global Inc, also works hard in managing the supply chain for the companies. By using cutting edge software technologies, we optimise the procurement process by making sure that our clients get only the top-notch semiconductor materials as well as other components necessary for their production process. With our help, it becomes possible for our clients to reduce the production time and offering timely delivery of different semiconductor products.