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The world has been witnessing fast urbanisation since the dawn of civilization.

With the advancement in technology and human civilization, great cities have taken birth over the course of our history. The urbanisation is ongoing at a rapid pace even today. It is theorised that in not so distant future, nearly two-thirds of the world's total population will live in the cities. Thus, the critical urban services have to be flexible, intuitive and responsive to serve the expansive needs of the citizen as well as the businesses of the modern cities. Well, the time has come to make use of advanced technologies to turn the urban areas into smart cities to effectively meet the needs and revolutionise the lives of the people of tomorrow. The city planners are completely relying on the cutting edge digital technologies and IT solutions to serve the people. On the other hand, it will be offering a clean, sustainable and connected environment for this new phase of human civilization to flourish.

Well, to effectively make the modern cities smarter and suitable for the lives of its citizens, it has become imperative to make use of Big Data as well as software solutions based on IoT. With proper utilisation of big data and analysis, the needs of the people and commercial organisations can be easily understood. Thus, it becomes very easy to fashion services in a way to meet their needs while ensuring the intelligent supply of energy and water, smart transportation services, effective crisis management, workplace safety and the ability to immediately respond to different incidents. In other words, with the use of smart technology, it is possible to take the quality of life, safety and sustainability to new heights in these smart cities.

Silicon Global Inc is devoted to designing a holistic environment where smart cities can grow sustainably. We help in creating smart cities that are safe for people with the help of participation from people for further improving life quality.