IT - Information Technology

The application of digital technology and IT solutions has become indispensable in every sector.

Whether it’s the banking, communications, retail, healthcare, offshore development centres, manufacturing or communication, energy and any other sector, the need for specific IT solutions has become more alarming than ever. The credit of this change in the dynamics of these industries must go to the rapid advancement in digital technologies and ease of access to the internet for the general public. The customers of today are much more aware of varied requirements and perceptions. Hence, for catering to their specific needs and survive in the market nowadays, it has become very important to instigate industry-specific IT solutions.

Silicon Global Inc is an industry leader in providing IT solutions strives hard to make the transition to the digital age as smooth as possible for our customers hailing from different industries. With cutting edge technologies and AI-powered solutions, we make sure that our clients can easily meet their specific needs and achieve exceptional growth in their business with the utmost efficacy.

Silicon Global Inc, IT Industry Verticals - Retail, Banking & Financial, Communication, Pharma & Healthcare, Smart Cities, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing.

Engineering and Technology

Engineering and advanced technology are surely the backbones of the world today. Whether you drive around in an impressive car or live in a multi-storeyed building, everything is made possible thanks to the advancement of engineering technology. At Silicon Global Inc, it is our goal to help the companies to optimise their design and build products that are company environment-friendly and human-centric. Being a global leader in the engineering services, we provide our clients with best designs, technical support and cutting edge technologies such that they can reduce their production cost while keeping the quality top notch.

Silicon Global Inc specialises in providing high-quality services to the organisations in the Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy engineering, Industrial engineering, High-speed rails, Shipbuilding, Civil infrastructure and Oil & Gas sectors. We have a team of skilled engineers with inimitable skill and experience in their respective fields. So, we are more than capable of meeting the industry-specific requirements of our clients completely. In fact, we assist our clients on multiple fronts. Firstly, we provide our clients with outstanding designs and also enable them to choose the best quality materials for the production process. Secondly, we also add our insights and knowledge to optimise different processes while also delivering them with advanced technologies which further enhances the quality of the end products.

Furthermore, at Silicon Global Inc, we also deliver asset and inventory management services for our clients such that they can complete the total production processes without adding to the cost of production.

We also have a keen understanding of Autonomous systems and the finest software which we offer to our clients that allows in automating repetitive tasks while enhancing the organisational efficiency. More importantly, we also help our clients by despatching skilled engineers to their sites. Having an in-depth understanding of the processes coupled with years of experience, our engineers deliver unparalleled skill and value to our clients thereby helping them to achieve unprecedented success in their projects and endeavours.

Silicon Global Inc, strives hard to utilise Engineering and Technology to create Human Centric socially conscious products for a better tomorrow. So, join hands with us and make sure that you create a sustainable future for your enterprise and everyone around you.

At Silicon Global Inc, Engineering & Technology Industries we work with – Automotive, Aerospace, Semiconductors, Heavy Engineering, Civil Infrastructure, Ship Building, Oil & Gas, Industrial Engineering, High Speed Rail.