Privacy Policy

Silicon Global Inc considers your privacy to be very important to use. Consequently, we at Silicon Global Inc believe you are entitled to know what personal data we collect from you, how the data is utilized and what rights you have as a consumer. The privacy policy only applies to the information that is collected by Silicon Global. Please note all the information available in this privacy policy applies to you unless specified otherwise. In short, this privacy policy aims to acquaint you with the following:

• The type of personal information collected from you.
• With whom the information is shared and how it may be used.
• What you can do about the use of the data acquired.
• Our policy regarding protecting your crucial information necessary during placing orders.
• Security protocols used to ensure complete protection against any misuse of your data.

We urge you to thoroughly read the notice in line with any additional notice provided by us from time to time while acquiring extra personal data through our website, applications or initiatives. Thus, you will always be made aware of the purpose for which we are collecting personal data.
Please Note: The phrase “personal data” is used to symbolise any data concerning any discernable individual. However, the terminology can change in different country-specific cases.

How your personal data is used?
Silicon Global may acquire your personal data in a plethora of ways and it can be utilized for multiple purposes as listed below:

To grant access to our online services and website: Generally, you can gain access to our websites on the internet easily without having to share any personal details. However, the website servers and the affiliate services that enhance performance and offer analytics may collect:

- OS details
- Settings for languages
- Connectivity and device information
- IP Addresses
- Details of browsing

We cumulate this information to derive the time spent on the website, different pages that have been viewed, the total number of visits to the website and other similar parameters. On the basis of the information gathered, Silicon Global improves its security protocols, content and user experience while determining the usage of the website. In case of some specific situations like accessing some substantiated parts of the website, you may require to register by providing your User ID and Password.

Data can also be obtained from different third-party service providers under the following pretexts:

- We can obtain your data from different social platforms upon allowing us to access your data through our website.
- Data can also be gathered from different service providers to determine your location based on your IP address to offer customized content and services.
- Silicon Global can also gain access to your data from our partners with whom we offer conjoint services or engage in different marketing strategies.
Silicon Global also makes use of cookies as well as other such technologies to ensure the efficient functioning of our website or to gather data. Also, it is important for you to note that our website may contain links to other third-party websites. Nevertheless, the data you share on any such website shall be governed by their distinct privacy policies.

To offer support, complete follow-up requests and fulfil queries:
Upon contacting us with support requests, general or any service-specific queries or requesting us for additional information regarding any latest initiatives and services, you may need to share some subsequent personal information:
- the content of your query or message to us
- Particulars and contact information such as name, email, address and company/role.
- Demographic information
- Profession and your qualification

For managing initiatives and events:
Silicon Global organizes different initiatives as well as events from time to time and one can join them for free or through invitations only. In such cases, the privacy policy will become pertinent for all the participants and any other information that is provided during the event.
Also, we require a modest amount of information in order to authorize the participants to join the initiative or event. The information we collect can be:
- Contact number
- Full Name
- Role, Company Name and company email address
- Videos and pictures of you
- Location
We may also require gathering and storing SPI or Sensitive Personal Information in some special and specific cases. However, this will only be performed within the legally permitted limit. Also, different events are recorded. Thus, we may collect the pictures and videos in those specific cases. However, we may notify you of any such case before recording. This information gathered can later be utilized for different attuned purposes for which we may notify you through notices. Moreover, we can also collect data during the events which can later be employed for contacting you for feedbacks or providing mercantile information. In some circumstances we may anonymize your personal data so that it can no longer be associated with you, in which case we may use such information without further notice to you.
In case of third party events organized in collaboration with Silicon Global, we may obtain information from the third-party organizers. For such specific cases, the privacy policy of the third-party with whom you have shared your information will be applicable to you.

Subscription to our website and other promotional activities:
We may require some information such as name, email address or phone number if you choose to sign up to receive any marketing communication from us. We can use the information provided by you to send the communications you signed up for. To know more about managing your contact data, you can utilize the contact us form where you have provided your personal details.

For endorsing our brand, values, services and initiatives through marketing communications:
We have a sincere concern for endorsing our brand, values, services and initiatives. To foster such aspirations, we indulge in processing personal information of our existing as well as clients, liaisons and third parties with whom we interact while conducting business. We may gather different details about you like your name, employer, contact details, job title, different business details and areas of professional interests. Such data can be processed through specific platforms or software system that enables us to efficiently manage the customer relationship. We may gather these data from you directly or indirectly.

We also amass data from third parties, data brokers, business partners, marketing groups and social media website. Nonetheless, we completely assure you that the whole data collection process is carried out as the law dictates. We also abide by the additional constraints enforced by the regional authorities from where your data is being collected. Any email or phone call that you make to communicate with us or our employees may also be recorded for security and business purposes.

We utilize your data in order to govern and develop our business. From understanding the specific needs of our existing as well as potential clients, strengthen our communications with important business associates to running different analytics in order to develop efficient metrics for helping our leadership to address different issues and helping us to deliver better services to our clients, everything is done with the help of the data that we gather from you. We also employ different high-end algorithms to rank and analyze your interactions with us depending on the frequency and the duration of such interactions. We may send you different marketing messages and surveys for research purposes. You can also receive information regarding us or our services if we deem it to be relevant to you professionally.

To reach out to you, we may utilize different channels such as phone calls, email, and postal service or through social media platforms like LinkedIn, etc. In the pretext of business to business communication, it is important to notify you that we will only send you marketing emails with your consent or as required by the jurisdiction of the region where your company is located. You can also choose to opt out from receiving such emails or communications from us at any given instance by using the contact us form, the unsubscribe link on the emails or by contacting the privacy officers whenever you need.

We might also use your personal details such as name, quotes, pictures or videos occasionally to promote our brand and services. In any such case, me may send appropriate information notifying you about the usage of your data.

For governing and fulfilling the commitments as required by any contract or law:
If Silicon Global is in a contractual relationship with you, your organization or your employer or trying to get into a contractual liaison, we will need to process your personal information which is usually constrained to your name, job title or contact details to justify the obligations arising from contracts such as providing the desired services to you or your employer that have requested us for our services. We can also utilize the data for different subsidiary tasks for completing different business activities such as accounting, reporting, auditing and abiding by different regulations.

However, if you abstain from providing specific information upon request, it might inhibit us from providing services you have demanded or satisfying your queries.
Your personal data will only be used by us for only fulfilling the duties for which we have collected them. However, your data can be used for any other purpose which is in line with the original purpose and permitted by the law. In any such situation, we may notify about it along with the legal explanation under which we are permitted to use your data for any unrelated purpose.

It must also be noted that we can use your data without your consent or awareness as long as it is in compliance with the above policy or required and permitted by the law.

How is your personal data shared?
Your personal data might be shared with third-party service providers and other bodies belonging to the Silicon Global group. Nevertheless, it is pertinent to note that Silicon Global does not (in fact, it never has nor it engages currently) in selling your personal data to any third party under any pretext. Moreover, Silicon Global does not share your data with anyone unless we are obligated legally or for any business purpose permissible by the law.

Why you may need to share your personal information with any third party?
We may require sharing your personal data with any third party if it has been obligated by the law to perform any of the aforementioned activities. We might also share your data if we have authentic legal reasons basis for doing so. We make it absolute for the third parties to treat your data with the utmost respect and use it as guided by the law. If it becomes necessary to share your data with any third party outside our group as necessitated legally, we may ask for your consent before transferring your personal information.

Who can process your personal data?
Third-party service providers and other bodies belonging to our group are allowed to process your personal data if the need be. Activities like web hosting, internet services, data analytics and storage, management of campaigns and market research might be carried out by third-party service providers using your data. Also, we necessitate the third parties to take appropriate security measures that are in tune with our policies to ensure protection for your data. The third parties are not permitted to use your data for their own motives or benefits. They are only permitted to access your data under any of the above reasons under our strict scrutiny or as required by the law. We are also entailed to share your data with certain regulators to comply with the existing law.

When can we share your personal data with any other body in the group?
Your data can be shared with other parties in the Silicon Global group for our systematic reporting needs for business development and performance monitoring purpose. We can also share your data with other entities in the group for reorganization of our business, system maintenance, data hosting or any of the above-mentioned reasons. The other bodies in the Silicon Global group however are required to take proper security measures in order to ensure complete data protection.

Transferral of your personal information outside the country of your residence:
The data that we obtain from you can be transferred to one or more countries outside the country you live in for performing any of the activities that we have mentioned previously. For such cases, we have put in place certain security measures in line with the data protection laws of your country of residence to ensure the utmost data security. To further gather knowledge about these measures, feel free to communicate with our data protection executives.

How do we ensure safety for your data?
Silicon Global has established stringent organizational, technical as well as security measures in order to protect your data from any unauthorized access, illegal exploitation, disclosure and accidental deletion. Furthermore, access to your data is limited to only specific employees, third parties and contractors who have an absolute need to access your information for business reasons. They are only authorized to access your data under our strict supervision and are abided by the clause of confidentiality.

We have also taken appropriate countermeasures to thwart any attempt at the breach of data security. In case of any such breach, we will immediately have you and concerned regulators notified as necessitated by the law.

How long does Silicon Global keep your data?
The data that we obtain from you is kept as long as we need it to fulfil any legal or business purpose as mentioned earlier. You can request us to access our policy for data retention to get acquainted with the retention periods for various facets of your data. For determining the period for retaining your data, we scrutinize the amount and sensitive nature of your personal information. We also consider the potential threat that might loom over you upon unauthorized disclosure of your data. Also, we contemplate other measures through which we can fulfil our purposes without having to access your data under proper legal restrictions.

In some specific cases, we may make your information completely anonymous such that it can no longer be traced back to you. Under such context, how we use the said data will no longer be of your concern.

How can you reach us?
If you have any concern regarding privacy, you can obviously reach out to us through the “Contact Us” form on our website or through

Right for consent withdrawal:
Under some specific circumstances depending on the country you reside in, you may reserve the right to withdraw the consent regarding collection, processing or transferral of your data. In such cases, you will have to reach out to our data protection executives for withdrawing consent. Once we receive any such request from you, we will be obligated to stop using your data any further unless it is necessitated by the law.

Alterations to the privacy policy:
Please note that we reserve the complete right to make any changes to our privacy policy at our behest. We may notify you and consequently send the newly updated policy if any alteration is made. You are requested to check this page for any latest updates to ensure that you make yourself aware of any changes.