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Services » Engineering & Technology » Aerospace

The aerospace industry has witnessed innovation
at the highest order as compared to other sectors.

With the development in avionic technology, digital systems and software, engineers have been trying to redefine the meaning of flying by making the flights completely safe and comfortable. Thus, the Aerospace companies need to adapt to this shift in market dynamics in order to survive and grow in the current conditions.

We at Silicon Global Inc offer highest quality engineering services to Aerospace OEMs and Enterprises to overcome the market and manufacturing challenges. Our team help them to create advanced aircraft that help people to travel safely and comfortably while being completely environmental-friendly.

Silicon Global Inc being a global leader in providing the next level Engineering services to the Aerospace sector help the companies with designing the Aircraft, its Interiors,Fuselage, Galleys, Cabin, First class Seating Systems, Wings Assembly, Electronics and Embedded systems and different parts, components as well as Assemblies. We also validate the designs to make sure that they are completely error-free and precise. Our team consists of Aerospace engineers, Mechanical engineers, Electronics and Electrical engineers amongst others. Every member of our team has years of unparalleled expertise and years of experience in their specific roles in the Aerospace sector. Thus, we assure our clients about the quality and integrity of the services that we offer.

Design & CAD Competences

One of the very first things that we do is to study the alternate designs and models while deriving the value from the existing designs. This helps us to identify exactly what our clients are looking to create exceptional designs on the basis of that. We make use of AutoCAD, CATIA, PTC Creo, SIEMENS NX,Solid Edge and Solid Works amongst other software to design 2D as well as 3D models of the Parts, Components, Assemblies and Electrical systems design as well as Wiring Harness of Aircraft. We consider all the engineering contexts and different conditions to make sure that our design is absolutely precise and full-proof. However, we also make use of different CAE and CFD software systems to further validate our designs to make sure that they are completely safe.

Engineering & Analysis: CAE

We make use of CAE software like LS Dyna, Abaqus, Simulink and ANSA to perform crash analysis. We create mesh structures and simulate them in different conditions to ensure crash safety. We perform Static, Dynamic, Non-Linear, Buckling, Transient, Modal, Vibration, Kinematics and Multi-body dynamic simulations. Furthermore, we also perform Static, Structural vibration, Thermal, Crash analysis and Durability analysis of the designs that we create using different Hypermesh, ANSA, NASTRAN, ANSYS, OptiStruct, Abaqus, Solid Mechanic and other software solutions. It helps us to optimise our designs and make the Aircraft or the parts highly durable.

Engineering & Analysis: CFD

When an aircraft flies, it interacts with air and atmosphere around it. Also, it generates heat too due to air friction. Thus, thermal and CFD analysis is very important before validating any design. Thanks to different CFD simulation software like Star CCM+, ANSYS, MATLAB, ADAMS, Flow Works, Simulink and Open Foam, we simulate the conditions and understand the way the aircraft will transfer heat and interact with the atmosphere. We can perform Aircraft Design Aerodynamics Analysis, Aircraft Landing Gear CFD Analysis, Optimization of a Wing with CFD Simulations, Wingtip Vortices Simulation, Aircraft Cabin Ventilation using different CFD tools. This allows in making the vehicle completely aerodynamic and completely safe.

The main goal of Silicon Global Inc is to help our clients to design the advanced Aircraft that excels in passenger safety and comfort. On the other hand, we help them to grow steadily in the dynamic Aerospace market.

Aerospace – Hydrogen Fuel Cell switch to sustainable

Certainly, the Aerospace sector has also been steadfast in becoming a more advanced and greener industry. Hybrid and Electric Aircraft are areas of aggressive development in the Aerospace industry.Thus, new technologies are being developed in order to make the Aircraft much more efficient, safe, fuel-efficient and environment-friendly. While solar-powered Aircraft has been developed, Hydrogen Fuel Cell-powered aircraft are undoubtedly the biggest candidates to make air travel more efficient and pollution-free reducing carbon footprint.

We at Silicon Global Inc also work hard in designing prototypes and technologies that allow proper utilisation of cleaner Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology. Also, we also research and develop conceptual designs of special turbo engines that can work with hydrogen fuel cells to develop these next-generation aircraft.

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