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Heavy engineering industry faces its own set of challenges in terms of designing and manufacturing due to their sheer size and scale of operations.

Thus, absolute accuracy and precision are required when designing the heavy machinery and their components. More importantly, it is also very challenging to reduce the time required in the development of a product and stick to the delivery schedules. Silicon Global Inc thus offer extremely curated designs and engineering solutions to the Heavy Engineering companies in order to overcome the hurdles that they face and survive in the ever-competitive market.

We have a team of highly skilled Engineers, Designers and Analysts, who provide their best in optimising the designs and product development cycles such that our clients can gain a competitive edge in the market. We study different concepts and consider all the engineering principles in order to design complicated structures. Next, we model the structures in such a way that they comply with the standards like ASME, DIN, EN, JIS and others completely. This helps our clients gain reliability in the market while ensuring the highest level of quality. Also, we provide intricate designs for different joints while assisting our clients with our technical knowledge on how to perform fabrication and different manufacturing processes thereby making these processes completely efficient and optimised.

Furthermore, we also make use of advanced CAD modelling and CAE simulation software solutions in order to analyse the design of the structures in for seismic activities, wind, snow, rain and other atmospheric conditions. We also perform durability and fatigue analysis of the structures, joints and different components. Thus, validate the designs by making sure that they are completely safe and reliable irrespective of the conditions in which the machines work. We also draw different what-if scenarios and run simulations for thermal, static, dynamic and other applicable analyses to further optimising our designs.

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