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Industrial engineering and types of machinery are unique in every aspect from the point of view of an engineer.

Though the structures and components may seem very simple and easy to manufacture, the amount of precision and considerations that need to be made during designing as well as manufacturing these machinery and components make them highly complicated instead. At Silicon Global Inc, we understand the complications.Thus we make use of highly advanced CAD and CAE software applications in designing these pieces of machinery as well as components. So, through our services, we make sure that our clients can manufacture next level machinery and products in order to achieve sustainable growth.

Our team considers all the international standards and codes in designing large structures as well as parts. Therefore, it makes the products more reliable and safe without any hassle. Furthermore, we also analyse different mechanisms and run dynamic simulations considering multiple bodies. Also, we analyse thermal, cooling and vibration analysis for different parts as well as electronics systems using advanced simulation software. Moreover, we also run a CFD analysis of the structural models and optimise them completely considering different real-life conditions.

More importantly, we also make sure to reduce the weight of the structures while optimising the strength and durability of the frames. Plus, we at Silicon Global Inc also perform finite element analyses to further optimising the design. We also validate the design considering different loading conditions and functions like mining, boring and several other heavy-duty conditions.

Our team of experienced Engineers, Program Managers handles a major challenge of Reducing the product development cycle.Heavy industrial machinery such as Cement Machinery, Rubber Machinery, Metallurgical Machinery, Chemical and Fertilizer Machinery, Printing Machinery, Dairy Machinery, Material Handling Equipment, Oil Field Equipment, Paper Machinery etc.

We specialize in Design & Development, Value Engineering & Value Analysis, Engineering Analysis, and Automation Services.

At Silicon Global Inc, we are always trying to make our designs highly advanced by switching to new technologies. So, we also research the latest innovations in the field of engineering and understand new concepts as well as findings to make sure the industrial machinery that we design are more precise and advanced in terms of their performance.

Silicon Global Inc also help enterprises in optimising their product development cycles and other processes for enhancing their operational efficiency.

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