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Silicon Global Inc has always been dedicated to helping the clients from different engineering and technology sector by offering them with unparalleled services and extraordinary support.

We always strive hard in helping our clients to achieve their business goals efficiently while ensuring their sustainable growth. In order to further fortifying it, we provide our clients with offshore design centre services.

The offshore design centre performs as an extension of your own company. We offer brilliant Engineers and Designers, Project & Program Managers with several years of experience and deep knowledge of engineering as well as designing concepts for these design centres. Also, every engineer that we offer are well versed in using CAD, CAE, CFD and other simulation software’s. So, they completely validate the designs and make them completely precise by considering different conditions as well as engineering contexts. As a result, we make sure that you get the best quality design, product development, validation and support without any issue.

Like we stated earlier, the offshore design centre is an extension of your company. So, it is completely under your control and caters to all your unique requirements immediately. Moreover, you control the activities and actions of the engineers and designers working in these design centres like in your own company. However, the best part about these offshore design centres is the fact that you will not have to worry about building and creating infrastructures as everything will be provided by us at Silicon Global Inc. Thus, it helps in reducing operational costs greatly.

Furthermore, the offshore design centre also plays a key role in increasing the operational efficiency of your business greatly. As the design and analysis of the structures are performed by the capable engineers in the design centre, you can have your core employees focusing in the development of the product and reducing the time for product development thereby increasing the efficiency greatly.

We cater to a large project for an OEM to small product validation for a supplier with same speed and agility irrespective of the size and duration of the project.

We at Silicon Global Inc also make this offshore design centre completely top-notch for our clients by providing cutting edge CAD, CAE, CFD, PLM, CAM, Styling and other simulation software as service. Thus, we make sure that you have all the latest technologies at your disposal that can be used in creating brilliant and exceptional designs and product development considering Cost analytics.

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