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Maintaining the position in an industry which witnesses constant shift in market trends and dynamics apart from high competition unlike any other

Semiconductor companies must be constantly evolving to stay relevant. Of course, in the current era, the market windows have narrowed down greatly. Thus, it has become pertinent for the companies to drive innovation and gain maximum scalability. Companies must innovate and research new technologies in order to survive in the volatile market while meeting the exponentially rising demands and that requires severe agility. The days were long gone when the use of semiconductors was limited to diode rectifiers, transistors, simple microprocessors and integrated chips. Nowadays, the use of semiconductor-based circuits has become extensive and various. Hence, the companies must provide the end customers with great value by developing high-level chip architectures for the next generation applications like AI, Data Analytics, 5G, Automotive (ADAS, GPU, Mapping Applications, Connectivity Platforms), ARM, Cloud, AR/VR and others.

Silicon Global Inc is a global leader in providing Engineering Research and Development services to Semiconductor companies across the globe.

Our team comprises of skilled engineers, designers and developers with several years of experience in the field of semiconductors. Thus, we have matchless knowledge as well as expertise in designing, developing and analysing ASICs, FPGA, SoCs and different complicated integrated circuits and chips. Our goal is to create the Semiconductor chips and circuits of the next level that will completely change the way technology are perceived today while helping our clients gaining the maximum competitive edge in the market and achieving sustenance by Pre & Post validation of Design, Interoperability, Deployment and Security.

In order to make sure that our designs are precise and efficient, we make use of cutting edge EDA tools, simulation software and efficient methodologies. Thus, we simulate and test the performance of the circuits and chips that we design and make sure that they offer excellent performance. We simulate our designs for heat transfer analysis in order to make sure that the integrated circuits (ICs) and systems that we develop do not get heated greatly. Also, we track its performance in order to increase its efficiency. In short, we strive hard in order to make sure that every product that we design is superior in terms of performance while reducing the cost of manufacturing greatly.

Also, we research different systems, Technologies and Engineering concepts in order to develop high-level prototypes that can completely change the scales in which the semiconductor systems and devices we used. Also, we design and develop Embedded Systems and Embedded Software development for our customers (Cellular & Wired connectivity, Enterprises, Industrial, IoT & many other end verticals) to further enhancing their agility, scalability and performance in the competitive market.

We offer Semiconductor companies services unique value to customers with to Testimony of concepts & Product Design, Middleware & APIs, UI/UX & HMI, Networking, Communications, IoT and Industrial stacks. Electronic Hardware Design, Design for Testing (DFT) & Design for Manufacturing (DFM) process ensuring Design can be accurately Manufactured.

Silicon Global Inc also offers production support and management of the entire product life cycle. We make use of advanced digital technologies and PLM software to make sure that the companies can gain superior operational efficiency. With our assistance, it becomes very easy for different teams in an enterprise to collaborate and exchange data or information amongst themselves to drive up the efficiency. At Silicon Global Inc, we also make sure that production time is reduced greatly while optimising the management processes of the supply chain and inventory in order to help our clients.

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