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Ships are one of the most common modes of transporting goods as well as people.

Thus, the shipbuilding industry is one that faces different dynamic shifts and challenges in optimising vessels and making the sailing completely safe and efficient. However, there are a lot of challenges that a shipbuilding company faces in designing and constructing the vessels. A lot of consideration goes into designing as the vessels need to survive the extreme conditions in the oceans. We at Silicon Global Inc thus provide exceptional engineering and design services to our clients from the shipbuilding industry in order to overcome these challenges and make their mark in the industry.

Our highly qualified and experienced Engineers, Naval Architects and Designers to provide services for the detailed design of Ships focusing on technical aspects, building process and detailed engineering studies.

We use different modelling and CAD software in designing 3D models and 2D classification drawings of the vessels. We also reverse engineer and study different concepts in order to further validate our designs and making them completely precise and optimised. Apart from the total ship design, we also help our clients by designing the foundations and equipment that are required in building a ship. One of the biggest challenges in designing a ship or its components is validating the designs. So, we use different CAE and CFD simulation tools at our disposal to run thermal, crash and durability analyses in order to make sure that the designs are full proof while ensuring complete safety.

We also offer our clients with complete and detailed production support. Apart from that, we use IoTs and Automation techniques to make the production process completely robust and efficient.

The ships and vessels of the modern era need to be smart and highly advanced to provide next-level performance while ensuring complete safety for the passengers and the crew. So, we also prefer Automation, IoTs and digital technologies in our designs to make sure that the ships not only efficient but completely redefine water transportation too.

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