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An offshore development centre or ODC can provide your company with the efficiency and edge that it requires.

As the name suggests, Offshore Development Centre is an integrated and extended team of dedicated developers located in an offshore location on a different country or location that supports an organisation in its software development process. The team often includes Project Managers, UX/UI developers, Programmers, Designers, Copywriters and Testers to add value and efficiency to the processes of an enterprise.

This business model is rapidly gaining popularity as it easily takes care of different processes like management of processes, testing, design and development of software and providing necessary technical support while the main company can easily focus on the core processes with ease.

ODCs are often located in countries where the cost of living and infrastructure is much lower than the onsite location of the company. As a result, it helps in cutting the operation costs and easily overcome the limitations of infrastructure or the skilled workforce without making huge investments. Though the offshore development team is located on a different location, it still allows businesses to exert as much control over the offsite developers as your team of in-house developers. Companies can also implement the latest project management tools to make the process much smoother while boosting their efficiency to new heights.

More importantly, with ODC, you do not need to go through the prolonged hiring process, shortlisting candidates and painful interview processes. Opting for an offshore development centre, you get readymade skilled workforce at your disposal that you can use for easily managing and running different processes of your company. It also saves a lot of costs that are often spent on hiring. Also, ODCs are a great way to ensure complete confidentiality of projects and security of data.

As a leading ODC company, we offer complete accountability and efficient services along with timely delivery of projects. So, with our help, you will surely be complete even the most critical projects on time efficiently.

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