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Altair offers different software solutions to create error-free designs and make the products completely precise.

Altair offers predictive simulation along with performance optimisation features. Thus, it makes sure that any design is properly validated without extending the development time.

The software solutions that Altair offers can be used for Strength, Durability and Fatigue analysis, Analysis of Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH), HVAC, Crash and Impact simulation and analysis of Squeak and Rattle. At Silicon Global Inc, we extensively use different software systems offered by Altair for ensuring the best services to our clients.

Altair Radioss is leading structural analysis software that we make use of. It is used for structural analysis of dynamic loadings under the context of completely nonlinear problems. This software is perfect for enhancing the crash safety and manufacturability of different structures. Similarly, Altair Motionsolve is a 3D multibody simulation software. This software helps in simulating 3D bodies to understand the dynamic behaviour while optimising the performance of the product completely. It also allows performing durability and fatigue analysis of products

NVH Director is excellent software that is preferred by engineers for NVH and FEA analyses. This automotive noise and vibration analysis software solution considers different finite elements and uses complex models to create precise simulations. So, it can be used to validate different structural designs. The Altair Squeak and Rattle Director or SnRD offer a set of tools which can be used for making a design completely optimised while reducing the manufacturing cost by eliminating squeak and rattle at an early design stage. Also, there is AcuSolve by Altair, an excellent CFD analysis system. It allows engineers to analyse fluid and thermal systems and run simulations for optimising their designs.