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ANSYS perhaps offers the most popular multi-physics engineering simulation software solutions that are used by engineers and analysts from different fields extensively.

These software solutions can be used design, operation and testing with utmost precision. In fact, the solutions that ANSYS offers are expansively exploited for Computational Fluid Dynamics, Structural Analysis, Durability and Fatigue analysis, Crash & Impact, Analysis, Simulation of Thermal and Electronic systems, Nonlinear stress simulations, Analysis of linear dynamics and Thermoformed product prototyping along with die design.

ANSYS Fluent is one of the best software solutions in the market widely utilised for accurate Multiphysics applications, simulation of different fluid and thermal systems for CFD analysis using real-life contexts. Also, there is an ANSYS Mechanical. We use ANSYS Mechanical for finite element analysis of different structures considering complex models and multiple elements for validating and optimising the design of a structure.

With properties of a wide range of materials included in it, ANSYS Structural allows engineers to create and validate 3D solid models as well as mesh models. It can be used for making the design error-free and precise. ANSYS LS-DYNA is preferred by Engineers for Non Structural Analysis, creating simulations for Fatigue and Durability analysis using severe loads on solid structures in Non-Linear Dynamics systems.

There is also ANSYS Icepak which is used by mechanical and electrical engineers to solve different heat transfer problems in real-life conditions with utmost efficacy. ANSYS Icepak provides powerful electronic cooling solutions, a powerful CFD solver for Electronic components and assemblies.

Lastly, there is also ANSYS Polyflow. It is one of the leading software solutions used for designing Product Prototypes and Industrial Dies. An advanced Fluid Dynamics simulation technology for the polymer, glass, metals and cement processing industries. The software can also be used for optimising and simulating the design to validate them.