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MATLAB is an integrated software solution offered by Mathworks.

Widely used for solving complex electrical and electronics problems and designing embedded systems with utmost efficacy. It is thus preferred by Engineers, Analysts, Scientists and Graduate students for analysing and developing systems with utmost precision. At Silicon Global Inc, we use MATLAB extensively for Design process with programming language. Design, Code, and Verify Embedded Systems, Designing Electrical systems, Control panels and Electronic models while optimising and validating them by solving complex equations numerically. Electrical Component Analysis for Hybrid and Electric Aircraft.

Apart from MATLAB, we also make use of SIMULINK and Embedded Coder offered by MATHWORKS for optimising the designs and making them completely precise.

As we said, MATLAB considers a matrix of different values that we offer and solve them numerically using complex mathematical equations which are otherwise impossible to solve normally. Thus, it helps in overcoming different existing engineering challenges and creating an optimum design.

SIMULINK on the other hand allows engineers to design and model complex systems. Also, it allows us to simulate the model with rapid prototyping. Thus, it becomes very easy to validate the design and optimise it. However, the best thing about this software is the fact that it does not require people to write hefty codes as it has the ability to generate the codes automatically. Embedded Coder on the other hand can be used to generate C and C++ codes to be used with MATLAB and SIMULINK for various applications.