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MSC Software is surely one of the leading software solution companies across the globe.

MSC Software solutions that can be used for overcoming different engineering challenges and analyses of different engineering problems.

In fact, the MSC software can be used for the Optimisation of design, Acoustics, Analysis of Durability, Fatigue, Noise and Vibration (NVH), Structural analysis, Non-linear analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

At Silicon Global Inc, we make use of top-notch MSC software for providing best quality services to our clients.

Of all the MSC software solutions we utilise, MSC Nastran is undoubtedly a very powerful one. It is used for static and dynamic analysis of linear, thermal and nonlinear systems. Nastran also offers automated structural optimization along with Embedded Fatigue analysis.
Patran on the other hand is extensively used for Finite Element Analysis, solid modelling and meshing features. Also, MSC Adams a Multibody Dynamics Simulation Solution is widely used for engineers to analyse nonlinear dynamic systems over a small fraction of time.

There is also CAEFATIGUE which can be utilised for analysing random vibrations for frequency as well as time-domain through Fourier transform. Cradle CFD a smart Multiphysics solution which is used by Structural, Acoustic, Electromagnetic, Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, Marine and Aerospace engineers along with architects for simulating and analysing the behaviour of fluids in real-life situations. It helps in optimising and validating any design.