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Siemens is one of the most popular names in the industry.

Siemens have created a unique identity over the years for providing cutting edge software solutions for the engineering sector. The software solutions that they offer are widely used across the industries for Drafting, Designing, Designing Electrical systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Product Life Management, 3D Modelling, Construction applications, Simulation, Industrial Styling and Designing apart from different other solutions.

Silicon Global Inc being one of the leading providers of engineering services use software solutions from Siemens exclusively. Siemens NX is one of the most advanced software solutions that we use. It is a very supple and integrated solution that can be utilised to create cutting edge products at a fast pace. With the varied toolset that NX offers, it becomes easy for engineers to design, simulate and manufacture high-quality products while streamlining the entire manufacturing process.

Siemens Teamcenter. It is a high-level product life management (PLM) software solution that helps in connecting people along with processes over different departments. Teamcenter software allows people to collaborate to create 3D designs, Manage Embedded systems, Electronics, Documentation and Bill of Materials. In short, this software makes it easy to manage the lifecycle of the process from its inception to its delivery to the customer.

Solid Edge is another marvellous software solution from the house of Siemens which helps in creating precise 2D and 3D Mechanical designs. It can also be used for designing Electrical products and Industrial cabinets. Also, it allows the engineers to validate their design with simulation.

STAR CCM+ is a Multiphysics software solution that can be used for Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD). It helps engineers and experts to study and understand the performance of products by simulating real-life conditions. Hence, it further helps in perfecting the design.