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High-Speed Rail truly envisions changing the way transportation is perceived. It connects large cities even countries over great distances.

In fact, high-speed rail reduces transportation time greatly while making travelling very comfortable for people. Furthermore, high-speed rail ensures complete safety and acts as a stimulant for driving economic growth for a nation. In fact, high-speed rail makes use of dedicated tracks as well as rolling stocks in their designs. So, it drives huge investments while stimulating the growth of a large scale industry around it which ultimately benefits the economic growth of a nation.

At Silicon Global Inc, we offer specific engineering services to our clients from the HSR sector. Thus, we enable them to overcome different manufacturing and design challenges while making their processes completely efficient and optimum. Our services span from Conceptualising, Planning, Research on special subsystems, Complete system development and Designing to Engineering. We also assist our clients with different critical issues such as making the processes cost-efficient by estimating the operational cost apart from system integration.

Our engineers and experts also research on exclusive subsystems and help in developing the entire system. Next, we make use of different CAD, CAE and CFD software in designing the components and validating them. We run different simulations and perform analyses to make sure that the components and systems are completely robust and efficient. Moreover, we also help our clients in developing an efficient plan for business development while optimising it for greater operational efficiency. In short, we make sure that our clients can efficiently execute HSR projects thereby helping in creating a decent future.

High Speed Rail – Hydrogen Fuel Cell going Zero excess

With Japan leading the way by creating Maglev bullet trains by utilising the magnetic levitation technology, several companies are now developing HSR projects revolving around this technology. With our deep knowledge in electrodynamic suspension technology, we at Silicon Global Inc also assist our clients in developing Maglev power high-speed trains. We study and research the physics behind the superconducting electromagnets and how they are utilised in developing the magnetic levitation technology. Thus, we base our designs on that to make sure that optimum performance can be derived. Also, we run simulations to reduce the air friction to a minimum and making the trains completely aerodynamic thereby allowing them to achieve incredible speed.

Silicon Global Inc also understands the value of making HSR projects completely environment friendly. Thus, we also explore different concepts like using hydrogen fuel cells for powering up the high-speed trains. We also help our clients in developing these technologies to build a sustainable future for the next generation.

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