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The oil and gas sector has been overwhelmed by the rapidly expanding energy demands of the world.

Hence, it has become pertinent for the oil and gas enterprises to increase the operational efficiency and adopt new technologies in order to survive in this competitive industry. Silicon Global Inc provides the oil and gas companies with different supply engineering services as well as solutions that help them to meet their unique needs and increase their operational efficiency in almost no time.

Given that, we are uniquely-abled to provide our clients with outstanding structural and mechanical designs. As a result, it helps in reducing the operational cost and time while making the business processes more efficient. Our engineers make use of different CAD as well as modelling software in order to create precise designs. We also offer parametric part modelling to further optimise our designs. In order to validate the designs, we run different simulations of CFD, heat transfer and flow. It allows our engineers to completely validate the designs and make them completely free of any error.

To further make sure that our clients can completely ensure quality, we work hard to help them to comply with all the international quality and safety standards. In fact, we perform finite element analyses to make sure that our clients can comply with ASME, TEMA, EJMA, RCCM and other international standards. One of the key services that we offer to our clients from the oil and gas industry is to make sure that their establishment is completely safe. So, we perform seismic as well as safety analysis of pipelines and different components. Thus, we eliminate the chances of any mishap by making the design completely full proof. We also offer Cryogenic, Fatigue, Thermal, Electrochemical, Electrostatic and Electromagnetic analyses to further optimising our designs and making the systems completely safe for labour and engineers.

Our Services provides Digital services as well as solutions to help solve the Oil and Gas industry challenges in Product Design and Development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Product Sustenance and Pipeline integrity management.

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