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PTC has surely been at the vanguard for the market for computer-aided design or CAD software and product life management or PLM systems for over three decades.

From creating standard designs, parametric modelling, simulation and analysis to manage the entire product development process while driving innovation, collaboration across teams, everything can be easily done with the help of marvellous software solutions provided by PTC.

PTC Creo is surely one of the leading CAD software in the market which is extensively used by engineers and designers. With Creo, it becomes very easy to create parametric based 3D solid models apart from making 2D designs. Also, Creo Simulation comes in handy when it comes to fine element analysis for linear as well as nonlinear designs, heat transfer models and dynamics. Creo also allows engineers to simulate their designs for validation while making them completely.

When it comes to PLM, PTC Windchill is undoubtedly a powerful integrated software solution. It allows teams to collaborate across different disciplines and geographical locations to govern and advance production processes while adding agility to the supply chain and continuity to the business. Also, it can be integrated with ERP, CAD, AR and other systems for gaining complete data governance and control over different processes.
We at Silicon Global Inc make use of PTC Creo as well as Windchill to make sure that our customers get the best results.