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3DS Dassault is undoubtedly one of the most popular names among engineers, designers and companies across the globe.

Certainly, 3DS Dassault offers some of the best software available that help in designing products, construction or engineering analyses, drafting, creating electrical designs, product lifecycle management, simulation, kinematics, 3D modelling, industrial designing or styling and manufacturing. In other words, 3DS Dassault enables businesses and people to innovate, collaborate and give life to their ideas in a unique way in real-time.

We at Silicon Global Inc also make use some of the best software solutions provided by 3DS Dassault to help our clients with designing, product development and life cycle management of the product. While talking about the software solutions offered by 3DS Dassault, the very first software that needs mentioning is undoubtedly 3DS CATIA.

3DS CATIA is beyond doubt the world’s foremost solution for designing products. CATIA offers engineers the ability to not only model any product but to do so in the context of how they perform in real-life situations. In simple words, CATIA allows engineers to model products or components and simulate the models in real-life contexts to understand the merit of the design.

Another exceptional software solution that 3DS Dassault offers is 3DS SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS provides us with the ability to create 2D and 3D designs apart from making CAM simulations for making the machining workflow more efficient. It can also be used for making electrical designs.

3DS ENOVIA is a marvellous product life management (PLM)software from 3DS Dassault that we use. It allows businesses to collaborate with teams and clients to plan and execute the entire lifecycle of a product. It drives efficiency and helps in accelerating the production process.